Birkenhead Athletic Club

Birkenhead Athletic Club is a small friendly club that was formed in 1995 by a number of friends running around Bebington and other areas of the Wirral. The club maintains that same friendly atmosphere and new runners often comment on how welcoming the group is.

We don’t think anyone could have said it better than our Treasurer did in her Runner’s World letter of the month!

Big and bold!

Although we support as many local events as possible, we sometimes venture further afield and have travelled to New York, Lisbon and Amsterdam to name a few! Some of our favourite memories are on display in our Races we loved page.

Local runs

The club’s summer runs are a great way to experience fabulous local routes.  There are events for members only such as club handicaps, our very own 5k  in memory of Tony Bobby . We also take part in Borders league,  multi-terrain and cross country events in the region.

We cater for runners of all standards. Why not come and join us? We can help you to get more out of your running, and if you are new to the Wirral, it’s a great way to see more of our beautiful local area. To join us for a run email us at and one of the Committee members will respond to your enquiry. Please let us know that it is a website enquiry so that only one of us responds to you.


The membership year runs from May to April, however, you can join any time of the year.  Members can choose tier one or tier two membership.  Tier one membership is £26 per year and tier two is £11 per year.

The difference in the tiers is set out below.

What is included in my membership? Tier one £28 Tier two/2nd Claim £12
UK Athletics affiliation ✓ (2nd claim)
First claim options
Second claim options
Borders league ✓ (2nd claim)
Cross country
UKA discount entering races
Summer runs
Club handicaps
Tony Bobby memorial
Club events and socials

In addition to your membership fee, you would have to purchase a club vest or T-shirt to wear when representing the club at events.  Vests can be purchased from The Runners Hub, Heswall and cost around £9, T-shirts can be purchased for around £10 by contacting the committee at  From time to time other club merchandise such as hoodies is also offered for sale and purchasing these items is entirely optional.

Joining the club is easy – just email us for enquiries ( or submit a completed membership form.

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